The School boosts of Developing and identifying talents of young people by involving in so many particular activities.

The school participates in COCO COLA Secondary football competition and the Buganda cup.In 2018 the School became the Runners UP in the Bugandas cup football competition.
Students participate in the Directors Cup and Old Boys Students cup.

Students participate in the Atheletics competition which are organised at House basis and every year our students participate in the Lion’s Marathon and Cancer run organised by the Rotarians.           

Our School team at the Coca Cola Football Competitions (On the left is our Executive Director; Mr. Yese Mubangizi)

Our students finally competes in Music Dance and Drama and all these activities help the student to develop their interpersonal relationship and inventiveness to be able to compete in this challenging world.

Music Dance and Drama Competitions – 2018

Our Vision: To be the leading provider of all around education in East and Central Africa

Mission: To impart quality knowledge by producing God fearing, responsible and life skilled citizens

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